Our School Community

Ask any number of Hoboken residents about our school community and you are bound to get many different answers. For those of us with school-aged children it is easy to associate that sense of community with the immediate school our children attend. For those who do not have children, or plan on having them in the future the question is more nebulous.

As a long time Hoboken resident I have been witness to some rather acrimonious moments between various Hoboken schools. If elected to the Board of Education I will be representing the Hoboken Public School District, but I will also be a representative for all Hoboken residents in matters related to our schools. As our community changes it is important to recognize the areas where our District school’s relationship with other schools in town are dictated by state law, but to also to identify areas in which the schools can work together. Working together also means collaborating with members of the community who don’t have kids yet still have a voice and gifts to contribute to the education of #AllOurKids

I have been an outspoken advocate on behalf of our public schools for many years, but I have also shown support to our private and charter schools. It is important to recognize that different families have different educational priorities for their children. That recognition and support is a two way street. In a meeting with Dr. Johnson earlier this year she mentioned that many of our High School Students don’t feel supported by our community - and that is a shame. Our schools serve our community’s children and our children deserve much better from their community’s adults. #4AllOurKids #VoteNovember 6