All Our Kids - McGuirk for Board of Education

An Independent for All Our Kids

Dear Family, Friends and Neighbors,

I am writing to let you know that I am running as an independent for the position of Trustee of the Hoboken Board of Education! Matt, Grace, Siobhan and I are excited to share this news with you and we hope to have your support, and most importantly your vote on November 6.

It is no secret that I am a strong believer in our Hoboken Public School District. Equal access to quality public education increases opportunities for all children and is especially important in our beautiful, diverse community. After our eldest daughter Grace completed pre-k, Matt and I were thrilled that she was placed at TG Connors elementary school for kindergarten. Grace’s experience at Connors has been excellent - she loves her school, friends, and teachers. She has thrived academically. As co-chair of the Connors PTO, I have met so many wonderful Connors families and made many friendships. We are very proud of our Connors Community and if elected I will work hard to ensure that every student in the district knows that our community is proud of them.

When I first moved to Hoboken in late 1999, I had no idea I would later find myself raising a family here. My husband and I met in Hoboken, married, and spent three years living in Jersey City Heights. After Grace was born in 2012 we moved back to Hoboken, settling in the Southwest. Public Schools were always a part of our plan, and we have been so pleased to see Hoboken Public Schools make tremendous progress that has accelerated under the current steady leadership of Dr. Christine Johnson. Siobhan was born in late 2015 and although she is not yet old enough for our public school system, she repeatedly requests to go to her older sister’s “Big Kid School.”

In addition to my role on the PTO I started the SW Hoboken Parents Alliance, a group that serves to update parents in our downtown neighborhood about our schools, local candidates and elections, and cultural events. I am the co-leader of Daisy troop 12059, and proudly served on Mayor Bhalla’s transition committee for education. I have also been active in the SW Park advocacy groups.

So with the energy that I have put into my volunteer efforts, I decided that the time is right for me to have a more formal role and to run for a seat on the Hoboken Board of Education. As a concerned and involved parent, I know that the district has room to improve in terms of communication, diversity, and our overall sense of community. If I earn your vote and am elected I will work to ensure that these specific areas improve while academic progress continues for “All Our Kids.”

In the days and weeks to come I will be sharing more about my background, my platform, and the hopes I have for our growing school district. In the meantime, please feel free to like this page, reach out to me here on Facebook, or by email at I look forward to speaking with many of you this fall and I hope to earn your vote on November 6.

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